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Salsa Cubana & Salsa Puertoricana for Beginners to Advanced



Kizomba for Beginners to Intermediate



Bachata Weekend Workshop



Let's Salsa!

Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Lady Styling, Rhythm and dance Technique. Salsa dance Courses and Workshops for Beginner to Advance levels.
Director of Salsapassion - Winny. She is one of the best female instructor in Switzerland that can both lead and follow equally well in all Latin Stlyes such as Salsa Cubana, Cross Body Style, Mambo on2, Salsa Puertorican, New York On2, L.A stlye on 1, Son and Cha Cha Cha.
Salsapassion is known as one of the best Salsa Dance School in Zurich to build your foundation. More then 20 years of teaching experiences read_more... See why it's rated as one of the best in town Read review..
As a student you would benefit from Winny's and diverse dance and music background. From leading to following technique, from rhythm to musicality, Spin, Body control, styling and footwork technique

"Whether you are completely new to the art, or experienced dancer, we have the patient, the knowledge, the experience to bring you further."

Our Salsa Courses
We welcome single participant or pair with your own partner.
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Good teaching strategies can be borrowed, but a good teaching heart is unique and cannot be replicated. Whether you want to become an excellent dancer, for fun or just for social reason, we love to help you to achieve your goal and teach with our hearts and passions.
In joining us, we hope that you'll become a happy Salsero just like each one of us!!
Salsa with your heart, salsa with a smile, salsa with passion!
Salsapassion Dance Team

!Salsa with passion!

Salsapassion Salsa Dance School Zurich-Switzerland
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