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Course Program



Daily dance courses and weekend workshops.

Instruction languages: English, Deutsch, Español.







Salsapassion Dance Course Program 2021

Salsa Cubana

  • Freedom and Rhythm. A dance style comes from Cuba, developed from the street. Suitable for beginners to advanced
  • (C1.-C4.) Beginners 0.-8 months. (CM-Intermeditate) 8-18 months. (CA-Advanced) from 18 months.
Salsa for Beginners 1 (no experience)
CHF 180 pPerson
Info/ Registration
Salsa for Beginners 2 (with basic knowledge)
CHF 300 pPerson
Info/ Registration
Salsa for Intermeditate
CHF 390 pPerson
Info/ Registration
Salsa for Advanced
CHF 390 pPerson
Info/ Registration


  • Get the best out the both world. In this course you will learn the rhythm and the step of Dominicans as well as "Sensual" figures from Europe.
Bachata for Beginners 1
CHF 240 pPerson
Info/ Registration

Body Movement - Just Dance

  • Leave your stress behind and just dance. This course is suitable for everyone. Be in your body, feel the movement and enjoy the dance. A full taste of Latin America, from merengue to salsa, bachata to reggaeton, cha cha cha and more.
For all levels
Info/ Registration

Musicality - rhythm and beat

  • Develop your sense of rhythm and beat. Expand your knowledge of the Latin American music. After this course you will be enjoying dancing even more.
For all levels
Info/ Registration

Salsa Practica - Salsa Cubana, Puertoricana, On1, On2. Bachata or Kizomba.

Have you learned or tried a figure but are not sure how is it working properly? Here is the golden chance of getting a PRIVATE LESSON with just a small fee as in a group class.
  • Prepare your question and come with your partner. Every couple gets minimum 15minute of PRIVATE COACHING in our two hours session of Practica.
** (Minimum 3 Pairs, Maximum 7 Pairs. Registration is necessary.)
Salsero y Salsera
1x120min (2hrs)
CHF 80 pPair
Info/ Registration
Salsero y Salsera
1x120min (2hrs)
CHF 80 pPair
Info/ Registration
Salsero y Salsera
1x120min (2hrs)
CHF 80 pPair
Info/ Registration

Spin Technique

  • Improve your turn technique and enhance your dance skills. Whether is Salsa, Bachata, Forró, Cha Cha Cha, Tango or Discofox, all figures from a pair dance are performed using turn technique.
For all levels
1x60min (1hr)
CHF 30 pPerson
Info/ Registration
For all levels
1x60min (1hr)
CHF 30 pPerson
Info/ Registration
For all levels
1x60min (1hr)
CHF 30 pPerson
Info/ Registration
** Package of all four lessons receives a discount for only CHF 108.-per person.


Discount/Trial lesson /Private Lesson:

  • Benefit from a 5% discount when you register for two courses together. (Per person per registration.)
Trial lesson
  • You are welcome to try our courses with a 50% discount. The trial lesson takes place in the first lesson of a course. If a course has already started, we would be happy to make an appointment for you.
Private lesson: 
  • The private lesson is tailor-made to your need. Everything can be learned, whether it is for hobby dance or wedding dance, for dance technique or rhythm, we will bring you further.
    As a rule, you learn twice as much during the private lesson than in the general courses.
Private lesson cost per 60min:
  • Single CHF 120.- / Couple CHF 140.- / 3 Persons CHF 150.- / 4 Persons CHF 180.-
  • For all other groups of private lessons, just send us an email. We would be happy to arrange something for you.
  • With a package of 10x60min lessons we offer the 11th lesson 1x60min FREE. Please send us an Email for your request.


Course Info

Multiple languages teaching:
  • We speak Deutsch, English, y Español.
We welcome singles participants as well as for couples.
  • Please note that early registration is required for single participants so that we can organize the course accordingly.
All lessons are limited to a maximum of 14 persons.
  • The registration for each lesson or each course is binding.
All lessons take place from 6 people onward.
  • If there are fewer participants, the class can be changed to a small group private lesson, therefore the duration of the lesson could be adjusted accordingly or the lesson could be canceled if necessary.


For any enquiry, please send us an email to info@salsapassion.ch
For the registration we need the following per Email:
Full name (as in ID):
Private / postal address:
Cell phone number:
Course name / code:



1.) Payment for a course no later than 5 days before the start of the entire course.

2.) Payment for a single lesson no later than 48 hours before the reserved lesson.

3.) *** Please note that in the event of a no show or without pre-cancelation of your reserved space, a payment of 100% will be charged according to our general terms and conditions in 4.)

Payment method: Twint / e-banking / Post payment slip / online ticket. (Payment in cash is possible with an arrangement in advance.)
TWINT: Simply send us the payment via your TWINT app to our number 076-5173138. (Please be sure to enter your full name and the course code. Thank you!)
Payment via e-banking: For international e-banking, please use our IBAN code.
Post Payment slip:
If you pay by the Post Office, an additional administration fee of FRI 2.5-. is requried.
Post Finance
W. Tang
IBAN CH35 0900 0000 8734 4173 9    
Konto: 87-344173-9


General Terms and Conditions (AGB)

1.) Subscription/Abo:
1.1.) All subscriptions/Abo can be used in any solo or pair courses.
1.2.) Your subscriptions is valid from the date of our confirmation.
1.3.) All subscriptions/Abo is valid within the date has been specified.
1.4.) No refund or credit for a remaining balance will be issued to any expired subscription. However, an extension of a subscription is possible.
1.5.) An administration fee of CHF 30.- per Person for a 30 days of extension is applied for an extension of a subscription.
1.6.) The subscription belongs to the person who registered. You can transfer it to another person with an administration fee of CHF 40.- per transfer.
2.) Voucher
2.1.) All Voucher is valid within the date has been specified.
2.2) If the cost of the lesson/course is less than the balance of the voucher, a remain balance will be issued back to you accordingly.
2.3.) If the cost of the lesson/course is great than the balance of the voucher, a balance must be paid prior to the register lesson/course.
2.4.) No cash will be paid out for exchange of any credit.
3.) Registration:
3.1.) Each course is limited to up to 12 persons. Registration for each lesson/course is binding. (First come, first serve!)
3.2.) All registrations must be made in writing. (Email, SMS, WhatsApp .. etc.)
3.3.) With your registration, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions

4.) Cancellation / Deregistration:

4.1) The cancellation or de-registration is only valid if you can notify us in writing (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp ... etc.) 5 DAYS before the start of a entire course or 48 hours before a single registered lesson. Otherwise 100% of the costs will be charged or the hours will be deducted from the subscription.

4.2) Registration later than 5 days of the first date of a course or 48 hours prior to a Single lesson. Cancellation is not applicable.

5.) No show / absence :

If you do not show up or fail to cancel registered lessons/courses in accordance with 4.1), a 100% cost/hour (s) will be charged.

6.) Refund:

6.1.) There will be no refunds after purchasing the subscription. No cash will be exchanged for any credit.

6.2.) No deduction would be make if a lesson/course/event is canceled by us. 100% credit is remain valid and the subscription date is extended for free of charge.

6.3.) If the subscription has expired, no refund or credit of the balance will be issued. However, an extension of a subscription is possible as states in 1.6)

7.) Liability:

Salsapassion assumes no liability for theft or loss of personal belongings or for any other damage. All insurance is the responsibility of the participant. With your registration, you confirm that you have read the rules of the game.

8.) Course alternation:

We reserve the right to change our course. Minimum participants for each lesson is from 6 persons onward.
In case of fewer participants, the class could be changed to a small group private lesson, therefore the duration of the lesson could be adjusted accordingly, or the lesson could be canceled if is necessary.

9.) Trial lesson

9.1) A single ticket for a trial lesson/trial lesson receive 50% discount.

9.2) The trial lesson should usually be carried out in the first lesson of a course. If a course is not currently starting, we'd glad to arrange a schedule for you. However, for the solo courses, one can join at any time.

10.) Student discount

Students and apprentices up to 20 years of age receive a 10% discount on a subscription. (Single ticket does not receive a discount.) Naturally, a proof or an ID will be required.

11.) Assessment lesson

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of your course. Simply register with us for a 15-minute FREE assessment lesson.

12.) Earning Credit (Referral)

12.1.) You will receive CHF30.- Credit for every successful new subscription based on your referral.

12.2) The new student must register for a subscription (Abo-1, 2 or 3) online and mention your name. You will be credited CHF 30.- for the usage of your next course subscription. However, no cash would be paid out.

13.) Course combination / combo
A combination of private lessons together with a course registration receive a big discount. We are always at your disposal for advice, please write us an email.
14.) Dance partner Organisation
We try our best to ensure a gender balance in our couples dance course. Early registration is therefore required for the single participants.
15.) Temporary lesson.
Temporary lesson is free for everyone who has already attended a course with us.
We will be happy to inform you by email or through our social media group.
!Salsa with Passion!
Salsapassion Salsa Dance School Zurich-Switzerland 2021